5 Tips for New Born Parents

When the mother hears the first cry, she is overwhelmed and sentimental. It happens with the first baby and also with the second baby. And as she holds the baby in rapt attention she knows there will be others also who will share her new found joy. And when it is announced that the stork has visited the couple, it is time for some indulgence like new born baby gifts. These are like paying compliments to the couple and welcoming the new angel on earth. Most new born spend maximum time snoozing for at least 18 hours a day. Hence clothes feeding bottles and feeders are the major items that one presents to the couple. Even small blankets and cots and tiny bells are common new born baby gifts.

A common gift which has never failed to lose its charm is an assorted basket full of goodies. Get a pre-ordered shape or emboss the name and birth date of the new born. A picture of the tiny tot with the mom could also be added to make the basket more personal. The basket in itself can be used for a variety of purposes. Include diapers, tissue, diaper warmers, mittens, socks and related wear for the new born. One could put in some tethers and rattles.

The new born baby could be given a small bag in the shape of any cartoon character. The bag could be filled with blankets, bibs and scarves for the little baby. Include small items which might be put to use. These can be topped with colorful play mats. There could be small inflatable cushions inside, in bright shades and attractive designs. Throw in some CDs with songs which could be played when the baby is being put to sleep. The options are many. It is simply on the creativity and the budget that the gifts need to be selected.

Bed kits and feeding sets can be a great combination to gift a new born baby with. These are absolutely necessary and are available in a large number of designs which make them a popular choice. The bed kit includes a portable mattress and colorful sheets. The feeding kits have bottles, nipples, brushes and bottle cleaners included. There are reputed brands that have their own kits for new born babies. One could try them. These include toiletries and related products for the baby. These kits are available in various sizes and can be customized on order. The wrappers too come in designs apt for the new born babies.